Campaign Research

Agency Expertise and In-House Understanding

As an agency, our biggest challenge is developing an in-depth understanding of your industry, business model and customers. We focus heavily on gaining the insights needed to differentiate your PPC campaign from your competitors. On an ongoing basis we encourage our clients to share customer surveys, sales calls, and sales feedback to improve performance.


Copy + Creative

Once we understand your customer and can empathize with them, we turn that insight into compelling ad copy. Ads aren't something we write once at the beginning of your campaign. We constantly test copy and creative to maximize ROI and communicate your company's unique value.

Campaign Data Services

Automated Workflows To Maximize Paid Media Profit

We optimize our campaigns to purchase clicks with the lowest cost and highest probability of converting to sales qualified leads. The important part of this is understanding the value of each click. We do this by transforming CRM data, filtering the best performing leads and feeding that data to machine learning algorithms. Our campaign data service include the following.

  • ETL services to import and transform CRM data to identify SALs and SQLs.
  • Integrations with Google Ads and Facebook Ads to automate offline conversion events.