What Do Your Target Market Want To Know?

Our first goal is to understand what information your target audience is looking for and why. We utilize keyword research tools and search trends to determine search volume. We also review customer surveys, web analytics and feedback from sales representatives to understand pain points that can by addressed with content marketing.

We also have tools to analyze your competitor's content and understand which of their posts are ranking and receiving a lot of traffic. We take all of this data and analyze it to determine the most profitable next step for your content marketing strategy.

Content Strategy

Make Better Content Than Your Competitors

That's it. That's the simple version of our content marketing strategy. First, we find a topic area where more organic traffic is needed. Then we research the user intent for the keywords the target market uses. Then we review the competitors and develop a strategy to publish something better. Here's how we do it:

Better Writing

Taking the time to ensure concepts are explained in clear, concise language, and covered comprehensively.

Better Graphic Design

Using design to illustrate concepts and aid comprehension instead of just "spicing things up" with noise.

Data and Research

Leveraging data, reports and research to support concepts with facts and build credibility.

Content Promition

What To Do After You Hit Publish

Once you've created amazing content, it's important to market that content to accelerate results. We maximize the value of content by using paid social media ads, LinkedIn, email and direct outreach to engage prospects at the top of the demand funnel. This is an efficient strategy to build marketing lists, generate leads, and grow retargeting audiences. A well executed content promotion campaign can also accelerate the SEO performance of your content.