Sales Reports to the CMO

The right structure for marketing starts at the top. Someone in management has to be responsible for revenue. This could be the head of sales, marketing, or a third role such as Chief Growth Officer. Our recommendation is to make the CMO responsible for revenue, and the head of sales reports to the CMO. Here are the pros and cons of this approach.


  • A unified message across advertising and sales.
  • Customer feedback from analytics, market research and sales is aggregated and reported on to the CMO. This leads to a more complete understanding of the customer.
  • Better orchestration of the prospect journey from marketing to sales.
  • Because marketing tends to work with aggregated data, a marketing-minded leader will be more likely to enforce sales and CRM standards that produce cleaner data.


  • The CMO might not have enough sales knowledge to lead a business development team.
  • There is a risk that the CMO may hamper sales activities by establishing overly-burdensome standards for data entry.

The shortcomings of the approach above are solved by having a strong CMO that is focused on revenue generation.

The VP Structure

The top level structure separates into campaigns, operations and sales. The purpose of grouping operations and campaigns is because operations require a lot of technical expertise. Campaigns require creative expertise. This makes a logical division and allows your VPs to specialize.

Marketing Campaign Structure

The goal of your campaigns should be to deliver a coordinated message across multiple channels. This requires the people managing campaigns and creating the media to work closely together.

Marketing Operations Structure

This is the technical team that supports the campaigns team. The handle data services and automation, build the website, manage the CRM and perform analysis and competitive research. This team will almost function like a development team within the marketing department.

Marketing Orchestration

This structure requires a strong CMO with strong technical skills and deep marketing knowledge. With the right person, this structure puts an end to the poor communication between marketing, sales and technical operations under unites them under a single department.